We Need A Discussion On Animal Sacrifice

In this article from India Today a brave Indian Muslim fasts to protest animal sacrifice.


We need a discussion on animal sacrifice. Many animal sacrifice rituals are based on “substitution”, using animals as proxy-humans to discharge sins. We must ask why an act of publicly killing an animal (often with brutal, painful methods, entailing great suffering to the animal) is needed in 2021.  We have progressed in knowledge and understanding from thousands of years ago, when such practices were first carried out.


Animal sacrifice should be substituted entirely with other non-violent rituals that express the essence of the religious act, but without causing pain, emotional suffering and bloodshed to sentient beings.


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Rivers of Blood Flow in Religion’s Name

Muslim festival Eid al-Adha was completed this week with the ‘sacrifice’ of hundreds of millions of animals worldwide (10 million in Pakistan alone).   

Every Eid, in designated areas, rivers of blood flow and blood and animal carcasses litter the streets.   Slaughterhouses are filled to overflowing with goats, sheep, buffaloes and other animals to be sold for sacrifice. 

In this article People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) report on a visit to a Mumbai slaughterhouse, and document shocking cruelty and rampant violations of animal protection laws. 

They are now requesting that Muslims have mercy, and observe Bakr-Eid by distributing vegan foods, volunteering for charities, or taking other actions that don’t involve killing animals.

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