‘Seaspiracy’: A Shocking Indictment of the Commercial Fishing Industry

In this breathtaking new Netflix documentary, film makers Ali and Lucy Tabrizi take us on a journey to Europe and Asia in an investigation that reveals how commercial fishing is implicated in the depopulation and degradation of our oceans, and animal suffering.


Their findings:
  • Single-use plastic dumped into the ocean is killing whales and other animals, but much more sealife is endangered because of discarded commercial fishing gear.
  • Taiji,  the infamous Japanese cove where dolphins are massacred and captured in a bloodbath every year, is not primarily done for meat, but to supply the dolphinarium industry, and because dolphins and whales kill fish that commercial fishermen want.
  • The most expensive fish in the world, bluefin tuna, is critically endangered because of overfishing.
  • Most dolphins and whales killed globally is because of by-catch.
  • Sharks are killed because of their fins, but the market for this is mainly Asia.  Populations all over the world are dwindling because they get caught up in fishing nets and trawlers.
  • Removing apex predators like whales and sharks from the oceans is contributing to global warming as well as fish decline.
  • Organisations who advocate for our sea life may be in the pockets of the Commercial Fishing industry.
Watch the trailer here