New Zealand Government Fails To See The Writing On The Wall For Animal Agriculture

The Code of Welfare review for dairy cows is currently taking place in New Zealand.  The proposed Code includes cows must be provided with well-drained compressible surfaces to lie on, and calves must never be born in mud (as now commonly happens in winter grazing).  The new proposals also give bobby calves another few days of life, with transport to slaughter being increased from a minimum of 4, to a minimum of 7 days.  There are also new rules about providing shelter against the weather (eg heat and rain), which has also been a very long time coming. 

But the New Zealand government is merely spitting in the wind.  It lacks the insight to see the writing on the wall for dairying.  

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The rise of plant-based milk, precision fermentation, and increased awareness about animals sentience and animal rights all point to the end of dairying in much of the western world within the next decade.  What’s more, signs are that not only dairying, but all of animal agriculture, is a sunset industry.   


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