10 Reasons To Stop Whipping Racehorses

In this article Professor Paul McGreevy and Bidda Jones give 10 reasons why global horse racing needs to reconsider using whips.


The reasons are:


1 Horses’ skin appears just as sensitive as humans’

2 Horses’ skin is no thicker than humans’

3 Whip-free racing already exists

4 There’s no evidence whips make racing safer…

5 …or fairer…

6 … or faster

7 Whip rules are hard to police

8 The public supports a ban on whipping

8 Whip-free racing still allows betting

10 Whipping tired animals in the name of sport is hard to justify


End Animal Slaughter supports the banning of whips.  However, we take the stand that horseracing itself should be immediately banned because it exploits innocent horses in ways that cause them suffering, and puts them in harm’s way on the racetrack.   

Feature photo taken at Whanganui Jockey Club (New Zealand) n 2020 by Sandra Kyle


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