Courageous Compassion – Humanity’s Ethical Evolution

Distinguished Musician DrJoanne Kong is one of the most compelling advocates for compassionate change on the planet at the present time.  Her powerful talks and videos are raising ethical awareness that greater compassion for animals and our planet are vitally necessary for our spiritual growth and a transformed world.

She will appear in two upcoming documentaries – “Eating Our Way to Extinction” and “Taking Note” about vegan musicians. Dr. Kong is author of “If You’ve Ever Loved an Animal, Go Vegan,”  and her profile is included in the newly-released book LEGENDS OF CHANGE about vegan women who are changing the world.

Here are some excerpts from the Video:

(We call upon) the world community and global leaders to acknowledge and bring to the forefront the single most destructive industry that our kind engages in – the exploitation of non-human animals’.


‘This is the greatest crime of humanity. Suffering, violence and death that defies comprehension, the most atrocious and heartless acts ever inflicted upon a group of living beings. And it is committed with indifference on a massive scale every second of every day’.‘We (vegans) have brought ourselves to full conscious awareness of the horrific injustices brought against animals suffering cruelty and violence that most people refuse to see. (We are experiencing) a deepening sense of spirituality about how we see ourselves in relation to the world around us’.


‘The world will awaken to a new level of compassionate awareness…’

Watch the Video: