‘Let’s Transform!’. Inaugural speech of Emma Hurst, MP, Animal Justice Party

One of the most powerful animal right speeches we have heard was delivered by Emma Hurst MP of the Animal Justice Party (AJP) in 2019.  In her inaugural speech in the Australian Parliament, she tells the story of the ‘dirty mouse’, or ‘pest’ she saw as a child.  Cowering in a corner terrified, its little heart beating against its chest, she immediately understood that the tiny being’s life was as important to them as our lives are to us…

She also tells the story of Dudley, the Australian steer live-exported to Indonesia,  filmed trying to resist being dragged to slaughter. He put up a brave fight, but finally stumbled and fell.  Numerous men jumped on his back, stabbed him with sticks, poked him in the eye, and broke his tail as he bellowed in pain…     

There are other true stories told with simplicity, clarity and compassion by the young MP.  She finishes her speech with a call to action to to her fellow MPs and fellow Australians:


‘This is the moment. This is the time for change. Let’s transform.


Let’s dare to hope.

Let’s dissolve the cages and shackles that have enslaved animals and caused them great harm’.



You can watch the video here

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