Viscous soup should be Vicious soup. The horror of shark finning.

Posted on July 14, 2020

Key Points


– Hong Kong is the largest shark fin importer in the world, and responsible for about half of the global trade.


– The fins are often cut from sharks while they are still alive, and they are then thrown back into the ocean to die an agonising death.


РIn May, customs officials made the biggest shark fin seizure in Hong Kong history: 26 tonnes of fins, contained  in two shipping containers from Ecuador, cut from the bodies of 38,500 endangered sharks.


– Shark fin soup is a feature at wedding banquets and other feasts in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia, as because they are expensive and prized as a status symbol.


– 100 million sharks are being mutilated and killed every year for this gluggy soup.¬† The fins themselves don’t have much taste.


– When the demand for shark fin soup stops, so will the carnage.

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