On A Mission To Improve The Lives Of Caged Birds – Helen Seta

Posted on April 26, 2022

Animal Activist Helen Seta is on a mission.  She wants to improve the life of caged birds.

Helen and a cockatoo friend


Helen has created an online store to provide safe and natural toys that stimulate and provide environmental enrichment to caged birds.

Whatever we may feel about keeping birds in cages, they are bred for this, and the alternative is releasing them to almost certain death in the wild.   Birds are tremendously intelligent, and our caged companions benefit from our efforts to provide them with a stimulating environment. 

Helen’s goals are:


– To educate and share information on bird care and welfare 

– To create change in bird care standards and regulations

– To help/rescue pet birds in neglectful and/or abusive situations

– To provide a loving home, as natural as possible, to birds in need


The issue of caged birds is also dear to my heart.  Birds live in severely confined spaces in millions of homes all over the world, many never even getting outside their cages.   They have minimal interaction with their humans, and become lonely, depressed, and aggressive because of their deprivations.  But even well-loved companions who are regularly out of their cages and have plenty of interaction can benefit from enrichment toys.   Through her online store Helen provides lovingly handmade toys that are made from safe and natural materials, to keep our companion birds engrossed.

Activity mats and other toys – just the ticket for bored birds


Do you care about the welfare of birds?  Do you have companion birds or know people that do?  Then check our Helen’s toys from littlebeaks.store, and follow her on social media:- 




You’ll also get to know about the exploits of her three parrotlets – Viktor, Blue and Sparky!

Helen also fosters birds.  Here she is with some Rainbow Lorikeet friends


The plight of caged birds is often ignored by animal organisations, and Helen’s tireless work to improve their lives is important.   By supporting her,  we can give our companion birds a better life.


-Sandra Kyle, editor, End Animal Slaughter


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