MUST-WATCH VIDEO: Dr Joanne Kong: Cherish All Animals

Posted on October 19, 2020

‘Dr Joanne Kong is an amazing person. A concert pianist and a Director of Music at the University of Richmond, she is also a TED speaker and lecturer on animal rights, environmental sustainability and compassion.  

This insightful and powerful video, written and produced by Joanne, blew me away. At only twelve minutes it can be seen again and again until the full importance of what she is saying is understood. It is a must-watch’.

-Sandra Kyle



We have come to a point we have never had to face in our lifetimes….  The  challenges are daunting… yet I believe we have been given this moment as a turning point.  It’s about fully realising this: that all  existence is deeply connected to the nature of our relationships with all other beings, human and non-human.  How we regard and treat our fellow earthlings, the attitudes we hold towards them and the places they have in our lives.  My purpose is to bring about conscious global awareness of the most destructive act on the planet: the domination and exploitation of non human animals mostly for food but also through the research, entertainment and clothing industries.  




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