Covid-19 is tearing through the world’s mink farms, leading to millions of animals being culled.


In mink farms animals are kept in close confinement in small cages.  They cannot escape each other even though by nature they are solitary.  They are also semi-aquatic, and are denied water to swim in. Their small, dirty cages are full of feces and exposed to rain and sun.  There is no or little enrichment provided for them.    Minks on a fur farm commonly show extreme fearfulness, unresponsiveness, and self-mutilation as a result of the conditions they are forced to live in.  The animals, from the weasel family, commonly experience rough handling and in many places are killed without stunning.


Some countries are phasing out mink farming, but the Coronavirus may be responsible for shutting down this cruel industry once and for all.


Watch the CNN video here