Looking for the Little – The Photography of Hendrika Pauley

Posted on September 13, 2022

With just her cell phone vegan photographer Hendrika Pauley shares her love of Nature and the insect world on her Facebook page.

Every morning she and her dog Rexi head out to capture the myriad of marvellous creatures Earth’s ecosystem depends on, and whose lives go unnoticed about us.  While temperatures are low they are still sleeping, or awakening from slumber, and easier to photograph.    Her photos inspire us to look more closely:-

“If you feel lonely, sad, and forlorn–please go to a field early in the morning when little friends are still dreaming away. Tread lightly. They are slowly waking up, unfolding and stretching their dew-covered wings. Slowly air-dry-flapping their delicate wings in soft poetry-like motion”.

 Hendrika’s message:  All life is unique, marvellous, and should be respected.

Enjoy a selection of her photos.


Grasshopper enjoying the protection of a water umbrella

Fall Webworm moth caterpillar eating

“Slowly awakening from slumber”…

“Busy bee butt doing busy butt work… Both Morning Glory and bee will soon disappear…”

“We can’t make strong silk from our bodies.  Respect for spiders…”

“She wanted to box with me…”

Two suphurs in an embrace

“Be careful… they sleep… on grasses close to the ground”

“Just hanging…”

A ladybug has found a niche in the market…

“In the NoContraceptivesNeeded Orphanage the overworked and underpaid child care workers are getting beyond annoyed with Mildred. She left her offspring once again without notification and took flight during the dark of night. No doubt looking for another hookup…”