Ex-racehorse found starving nine months later

Posted on December 11, 2019

The recent expose by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation showed champion racehorses ending their days in a Queensland slaughterhouse being abused by sadistic staff.  The Australian racing authorities promote a ‘retirement plan’ so racehorses can live out their days in peace,  but the only place many are retired to, is the knackery.  

The shocking reality revealed by undercover cameras for this program reveal what is happening not only in Australia, but all over the world.  Racehorses are a commodity – and aare used as such; when they are no longer profitable, they are often discarded by unscrupulous owners and trainers.  Often they are sold on without any vetting, reference checks, or follow up.   They pass through several owners and finally end up having their throats slit and being turned into dog food, often when they have only lived a fraction of their natural lifespan.  

In this article we read about United States thoroughbred ‘Willow’ (aka Time for Parading), who was racing just months before she was found half starved and rescued.   

It is time to stop using and abusing noble horses  Animals are not ‘ours’ to do as we like with.  Please don’t bet on horses and don’t attend races.