Bullfighters Want Handouts In Covid Environment! Sign Petition.

Posted on August 2, 2020

A tortured bull collapses, and lies bleeding while spectators cheer, and one of his feet is hacked off as a keepsake.    The barbaric ‘sport’ of bullfighting is asking the Spanish government for money to keep going in the Covid environment.  Take action!


Read the article and sign the petition here



  • Christine maynard says:

    Bulls are sentient creatures who feel pain and fear as human beings do. The way they are treated is barbaric.

  • Heidi Stephenson says:

    This is a cruel, anti-life, Satanic ritual which needs to be stopped in its bloody tracks! The desire to do this to a sensitive, conscious, feeling fellow being, or to watch it happening, is nothing short of Evil, and an Evil which is ‘blessed’ by the unholy Catholic church.

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