What is it about ‘Fish are sentient’ that you don’t understand?

Posted on October 7, 2020

Fishes are sentient beings that deserve our respect and protection.  Vegan seafood alternatives are available.  Knowing what we now know about fish intelligence and sentience, it is highly unethical to be torturing and killing trillions of fishes every year. 


Read the Stuff NZ article here:- 



”Most of the public and most activists concentrate their attention only on mammals, in spite of scientific evidence that crabs and lobsters feel pain, that octopus and squid show complex behaviour comparable to mammals, and that fish also show evidence of similar complexities.”

“Fish displayed obvious signs of stress, such as breathing faster, hiding and avoiding eating, and the evidence that fish experienced pain is stronger than the evidence for many mammals” –  Professor Calum Brown, Macquarie University

“The perception that fish have a ‘three-second memory’, aren’t intelligent and don’t feel pain is wrong.”- Animal Rights campaigner Dr Michael Morris


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Most comprehensive website for fish advocacy:- 


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