A New Zealand-based journalist, Claire Insley, has predicted the end of meat and dairy by 2030 in the US mainly because of the wide availability of ‘more efficient’ alternative protein technology. 


Insley, who is Vegan Society Aotearoa New Zealand media spokesperson, says 2021 will see an accelerated use of all things plant based as we endeavour to improve our sustainability.


Some of the changes we can expect to see in 2021 are:-

More celebrities turning vegan and plant-based

More plant-based leathers and fabrics

More profits in horticulture

More restaurants and chain stores offering vegan options

More plant-based food products available in supermarkets

Fewer rodeos

Less horse racing

Less greyhound racing

More respect for animals and concern for their welfare and safety

More plant-based alternatives such as facon, chikkun, furkey, dairy alternatives etc

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