Traumatic Stress – A Common Condition Among Slaughterhouse Workers

Posted on January 26, 2021

Have you ever heard of PITS (Perpetrator-Induced Traumatic Stress)?   Read about how slaughterhouse workers suffer from PITS, PTSD and other syndromes in this article from SURGE.   (Warning: Some readers may find content disturbing)



“One day I dream that the cow gets out at the stunning box. It was alive. Then, I think that I am crying and running, and that time I am not running. Down here! Down here! [motioning that he fell down]. The cow is coming and you fall down! You fall down!”

“I dream about the cattle, when you stun it, it just fall down, after falling down, when you open the door it will ask you: ‘Why are you killing me?’”


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