The Madness of Eating Animals (Video)

Posted on March 12, 2020

In this video featuring  well known activist Gary Yourofsky we are invited to consider the madness of using live, terrified, innocent sentient beings for our food.   We see how the animals arrive in trucks at the slaughterhouse, terrified, knowing what’s going to happen next.   We hear their screams.  We see the heartless workers jabbing at them with electric rods, and shooting them with a stun gun.  We witness how quick the slaughterers have to be, because this is a production chain – often thousands, sometimes tens of thousands,  of animals are killed in one facility every single day. The line speed is one of the chief reasons mistakes are made.  Animals are not stunned properly, and are conscious when they have their throats slit or are dunked in scalding water to clean their skins (pigs and chickens). Their last moments on earth, after a lifetime of suffering in a factory farm, are spent in indescribable agony.


Food producers, caterers, even some farmers, are beginning to see the public moving more towards veganism, and are producing, manufacturing and promoting more plant-based foods, including alternative protein ‘meats’.   This is paving the way for a more humane and compassionate world, as well as helping to stem climate change and improving people’s health.  Have you made the change yet?


Watch the Video on the Kinder World website here:   (WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES)