In this week’s Safe and Sound, activist and three-time world champion unicyclist Christian Huriwai talks about his background, and passion for animals. As a child he saw decapitated roosters running around and this turned him vegetarian.

Later, after watching ‘Earthlings’ he became vegan. Chris discusses his public challenge to Fonterra over the Milk for Schools project, believes the time has come to sit down with farmers. Christian also talks about his future plans to help more Maori adopt a plant-based diet.


Milk for Schools FAIL!

Should we allow industry into our schools?Is it ethical to give this product to our kids?Exploring the Fonterra Milk for Schools programme and why it's an absolute FAIL.More videos to come, I'm surprised we're still letting this industry peddle this phoney philanthropy narrative. Time to remind this industry that Aotearoa isn't blind to their slick marketing tactics.

Posted by Chris Huriwai on Monday, November 26, 2018