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Our focus is closing down all animal slaughterhouses in the Western world by the year 2025.


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Animals Slaughtered since you opened this page

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  • 0 pigs
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  • 0 turkeys
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‘1803’ – Short Story By Lily Carrington

In this poignant story by 16 year-old Lily Carrington, a mother cow watches helplessly as her calf is taken away from her.     I do not have a name. I have a number. 1803. My black and white hide quickly becomes sodden as the taunting rain explodes like a...

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Calls For A Worldwide Transition To A Plant-Based Diet

Calls For A Worldwide Transition To A Plant-Based Diet

We've had our head in the sand for too long.  Climate change is real and an existential threat.  The world moving to a plant-based diet has now become an imperative.   Extract from article: "Vegan Society Aotearoa spokesperson Claire Insley said humans have six...

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