Posted on February 7, 2020

The disconnect between what goes on in animal agriculture and the image that is projected to the young could not be more evident than in our featured video from PETA.


  • Animals on farms undergo painful procedures such as de-horning, ear and tail docking, debeaking and branding.  They are slaughtered at just a fraction of their natural lifespan.
  • In dairying, baby calves are separated from their parents and males and unwanted females are sent to the slaughterhouse at just a few days old.    Others are raised for veal, where they are kept in darkness and tied up so they do not develop muscles in order to produce pale, tender meat.
  • Animals in factory farms are denied their natural instincts, and live in cramped, filthy, disease-ridden, artificial conditions where they often lose the will to live.
  • Sows are kept for extended periods in crates where they cannot turn around, and cannot properly suckle their babies.
  • Meat chickens are bred to grow so quickly that they develop deformities and systemic problems. Spending their lives on a concrete floor in their own waste,  many die before slaughter,  at 5-6  weeks of age.
  • In the egg industry, baby roosters are considered wastage and are either suffocated or ground up alive, to the tune of 6 billion every year. 
  • Animals are transported to slaughter over long distances in all weathers.  In freezing temperatures they can arrive at their destination frozen to the floor or to the sides of the trucks.   In hot temperatures they can become severely heat stressed.
  • Live exported cattle are shipped to countries where slaughter methods are often extremely primitive and cruel.  spending weeks at a time packed together in the hull of death ships.  Many are dead on arrival.
  • Animals sense what is going to happen to them at the slaughterhouse, can smell the blood, and can often see and hear their family and friends being slaughtered in front of them.

There is only one way to stop these atrocities from happening, and that is to go vegan.

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