‘Humane’ Torture – how pigs are stunned in slaughterhouses

Posted on November 4, 2019

Pigs have the intelligence of a three year old child. They are curious, insightful, non-aggressive, social, and form close bonds with other individuals.  When raised for slaughter, they typically live in extremely cruel factory farm conditions.   The abuse of these intelligent and aware animals defies belief.  For example, just this week a story has come to light showing live pigs being used as crash test dummies in China.  

The flesh of pigs is in high demand all over the world, and billions of pigs are killed every year for food.

One of the most common forms of stunning pigs is to use a C02 chamber, described as a ‘more humane’ method of stunning pigs prior to slaughter.

In CO2 stunning, pigs are herded into a steel cage called a gondola, which is then lowered into a gas chamber. The pigs are typically frightened and reluctant to enter the gondola, so electric prods are often used to shock the pigs. Undercover evidence has shown frustrated workers frequently abusing resistant animals by repeatedly jabbing them with burning prods, sometimes holding them down while the animals scream in agony.  

Once inside the C02 chamber pigs respond with panic and pain as their nasal passages burn and they cannot breathe.  They thrash around violently,  jumping over each other  in an attempt to escape before collapsing in convulsions. (Feature photograph shows a still from a video taken by Aussie Farms, in 2014).  

It is time to stop the carnage.  It is time to close slaughterhouses for good.

WATCH THIS SHORT VIDEO (GRAPHIC WARNING) taken from recent undercover footage at Skovde Slaughterhouse in Sweden.  


  • Factory farming is efficient and effective and keep costs down. We have much cheaper meat than we would otherwise…and meat consumption in the US has beeen steadily going up. Americans will always love meat…the other thing about slaugherhouses is we don’t have to be exposed to any supposed suffering involved…killing can’t be a stress free thing. The animals only exist in the first place to provide our meat and their skins for leather…both of which we enjoy. The world loves meat, we have to keep it efficient and affordable. I see only benefits from factory farming.

    • Joshuah your comment is devoid of any empathy and compassion for the sentient creatures who are brought into this world to suffer every moment of their lives in factory farms? What gives us, as humans, the entitlement that we can do anything we want to other animals, just because we want to, just because we can? Is efficient and affordable your only criteria for living? How far do you extend this philosophy?

  • It’s such a capitalist comment.

    Yes human are omnivore, and pigs can be eaten.

    But if you think we are entitled to simply get pig from farm by buying it, that’s not how nature work at a first place. We have shifted into a society driven by capitalism that sees the earth as our personal object to exert control.

    You may have the privilege for making that statement If you can hunt down your food as our ancestors did.

  • if we closed slaughterhouses for good that would take away way more jobs than the united states can even handle.Your article is not very smart.

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