Gentle Insectivores Subject To Unimaginable Cruelty For Traditional Medicine

Posted on March 19, 2021

Gentle Pangolins are beaten then, blood pouring from their wounds, boiled alive for traditional Asian medicine. Over a million pangolins have been illegally poached from the wild just in the last 10 years to feed the demand for their scales and meat.  They are the most trafficked animals in the world.  The pangolin was implicated in the 2019 Coronavirus outbreak.
A  permanent ban on all wildlife trade is the only long-term solution to eliminate unimaginable animal suffering, and prevent major health epidemics. You can take action to help pangolins and other wild animals by signing the petition to ban the global trade of wild animals and urging public officials to pass the Global Wildlife Health and Pandemic Prevention Act.


Read the World Animal Protection article here (contains graphic video)