Factory Farms a ‘Petri Dish’ For Pandemics – Report Says ‘Phase Them Out’

Posted on October 11, 2020

Humane Society International’s white paper concludes that we must urgently phase out factory farming to prevent future pandemics.


Main points:

  • Confining vast numbers of stressed animals indoors creates novel viral strains because their immune systems are weakened so they succumb to viruses easily

  • Expanding farms into previously wild areas brings wild and domestic species together, allowing diseases to jump

  • Concentrating animal farms in an area increases the risk of pathogens spreading

  • The global live animal trade, in which huge numbers of live animals are transported globally, allows viruses to travel

  • Agricultural fairs and auctions and live animal markets where the public get close to species from different places, let viruses proliferate.

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Photo Credit We Animals Media