Extreme cruelty to cows documented at large Texas ‘organic’ dairy farm

Posted on January 19, 2020

  • An undercover investigator working for Animal Recovery Mission (ARM)  documented animal abuse and cruelty at Natural Prairie Dairy, a certified ‘organic’ dairy farm in Texas, United States.    

  • Cows were repeatedly and violently inseminated and mother cows were witnessed being chased while giving birth, then having their babies immediately ripped away from them.

  • Cows were stabbed with screwdrivers, kicked and dragged when unable to stand due to illness and fatigue. Downer cows were repeatedly beaten to get up by the farm’s so-called ‘animal caregivers’.

  • Cows that couldn’t prop themselves back up were stabbed with screwdrivers, pulled by the head by front loaders, dragged, picked up by the bucket and driven to a holding area where they awaited transport to be sold for slaughter.

  • Other cows were left to die slowly in barns, some cows taking a whole day or longer to die. Cows were seen falling into cesspools and almost drowning.

  • Despite the ‘organic’ label, and company advertising stating that the cows spent time in beautiful green pastures and open-air, free-stall barns, many cows never went outside and spent their lives in illegally overcrowded barns where they lay on cement in their own waste.   Some had footrot and could not walk.

  • The most effective way of creating change is through consumer power: leave dairy products off your grocery list.

  • Read the Sentient Media article here (Warning: Graphic video)