Changing The World In Bite-Sized Chunks

Posted on August 6, 2019

Veganism offers an immediate and logical alternative to the reality of the slaughterhouse, writes PAUL TRITSCHLER.  The author recounts childhood memories of roughly handled and severely distressed chickens, and a pig born on a slaughter truck sliding out of the slats to be crushed by traffic on the highway.  

Within the industry that caters to the desire to eat animal flesh, blood lies pooled on concrete floors where helpless animals are ‘beaten, broken, scalded, skinned and dismembered’,  and unspeakable cruelties against them are devised by bored slaughterhouse workers for their entertainment.

The problem is not our desire to consume animals, it is their desire to live.     We have the power to change the brutal, industrialised killing system, as well as positively impacting global problems, if we approach it ‘one bite-sized chunk at a time’. 

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