A Sea Of Suffering: The Cruel Reality Of Salmon Farming

Posted on February 16, 2021

In the aquaculture industry, animals live in disgusting and stressful conditions, and are often fully conscious during slaughter and die a slow, painful death as they bleed out or suffocate. 

Yet another investigation has recently revealed a salmon farm carrying out appalling animal cruelty committed by workers, who slam fish to the ground or stomp on them in an attempt to kill them, toss them roughly, and leave them to suffocate in piles.


Links to various articles on the cruelty of salmon farming:

Animal Equality’s undercover investigation of a salmon company that supplies major U.K. supermarkets and exports to the U.S. and over 20 other countries found:   “Fish being left to die slowly on the floor after falling or being thrown off a crowded, blood-drenched slaughter unit. Salmon are clubbed up to seven times after a stunning machine fails to render them unconscious. Workers use their fingers to tear their gills”
Seventy world-leading animal welfare experts, academics and animal protection organisations have signed on to Animal Equality’s open letter “urging UK governments to put in place meaningful, specific protections for aquatic animals at the time of slaughter.”
“’Police Scotland, the Scottish SPCA, the Royal SPCA Assured scheme and retailers who sell salmon from the many floating factory farms in Scottish waters are all implicated in allowing this cruelty to go on, perhaps for the last forty years.’”

There is only one way to stop the unimaginable suffering of sentient fish.    Leave fish off your plate and opt for plant-based, cruelty-free foods instead.


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