How You Can Help To Prevent New Zealand Live Export Being Reinstated

Posted on February 5, 2024

This time last year the new New Zealand Associate Minister of Agriculture was a leader in the dairy-farming community, and the President of Federated Farmers.  Now as an MP he will be spearheading the new government’s promise to reverse the previous Labour government’s ban on live export.  

The Industry is throwing a million dollars behind a campaign to persuade the NZ people that this is a good idea.

Read why it is not – and how you can help to keep the ban in place!

Andrew Hoggard MP, new Associate Minister for Animal Agriculture (Animal Welfare) in New Zealand



Spinoff article by law professor Marcelo Rodriguez Ferrere. 


Support the Animal Justice Party of Aotearoa NZ’s campaign to keep the ban in place.  



National Day of Action Against Live Export – February 25th  



New film on the sinking of the Gulf Livestock 1 live export carrier. 


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