Posted on September 22, 2021

Poet and End Animal Slaughter contributor Monika Arya saw a photo of a ‘slinky’, a stillborn or sick calf who died – or was killed – within minutes or hours of birth.  She was inspired to write this moving tribute. 




New to the world, unaware of its grisly ways,

A child’s eyes quietly weep.

Deprived of their mother’s milk, they slipped away bit by bit.



The rope thrown around their necks was meant to be a maternal kiss,

Thunder rattled their tender hearts, roaring rain beat their baby skin.


They went to bed, 

No one tucked them in. 

On a blanket of dung and pee, the night slithered around gently 

Before they were swallowed by the impervious dark. 


Let this frail body be your morning tea,

Steaming with the woes of a childless mother

Whose fatigued flesh will soon be a meal

Laced with pain and longing.  


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