Top 20 Vegan Cities In The World

Posted on January 22, 2024

HappyCow has published its list of the Top 20 vegan cities in the world in 2023.

Founded by frequent traveller and vegan Paul Brent in 1999, HappyCow charts the growth of veganism worldwide.  

Their ratings come from a number of criteria, including the number of vegan restaurants, vegan friendly businesses, and the vibrancy of the local vegan community. 

Topping the list for the fourth year running is London.  A number of other European capitals make it on the list, including Paris, where vegan cuisine is having an impact on traditional French pastries and cheeses.  In the US Portland is the most vegan-friendly city.

The full list is as follows: 

1. London
2. Berlin
3. Barcelona
4. Amsterdam
5. Hamburg
6. Portland
7. Los Angeles
8. Paris
9. Bangkok
10. Lisbon
11. Tokyo
12. Warsaw
13. Brighton
14. Singapore
15. New York City
16. Taipei
17. Munich
18. Ho Chi Minh City
19. Prague
20. Edinburgh


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