Safe and Sound Podcast with our guest Shanti Aluwalia

Posted on October 8, 2018

Why might the coalition want to keep Jacinda away from animal welfare? What is a farmer and ex rodeo participant doing in charge of animal welfare in this country? How does ‘gatekeeping’ in Parliament stand in the way of animal welfare progress? How is it that Codes of Welfare end up protecting farmers instead of animals under The Animal Welfare Act? Why does it make good economic sense to move away from factory farming?
What can we do to hold the government to account about breaking promises on animal welfare?

Safe and Sound’s guest this week, Shanti Ahluwalia answers these questions and more. Shanti worked for several years as policy advisor for SAFE, and shares some of his insights with us about the workings of government.

His advice is for activists and animal lovers to write to the Prime Minister and request her government honour its promise to appoint a separate, entirely independent, Minister for Animals.

What You Can Do:
Write a short email to asking for a separate Minister for Animals.