Safe and Sound Podcast – this weeks guest Roz Holland

Posted on November 19, 2018

Roz HollandVeterinary surgeon and SAFE Veterinary Science advisor Roz Holland is this week’s Safe and Sound guest. Since graduating as a vet in 2006, Roz has spent most of her career overseas working in a mix of general practice, emergency, and welfare work – predominantly companion animal de-sexing programs. Roz went vegan on her own five years ago after rationally approaching welfare issues on a harm minimization basis. She had never met another vegan at that time.

Listen to Roz talk about the life of a chicken in factory farms. Chickens raised for meat suffer hock burns, foot burns, lameness, fluid retention, and metabolic disease resulting in suffocation and heart failure. Layer hens become aggressive because of their chronic frustration and boredom in their relentlessly sterile and cramped conditions. Hear about broiler ‘parent’ birds being deliberately kept hungry, and how the business of supplying chicken is a monopoly that has the farmer trapped as well as the birds. What about the term ‘free range’? What does it actually mean when it comes to chicken production?

Roz also talks about the intelligence, sentience, and factory farming of fish.