Fish Feel Pain

Posted on October 2, 2019

Antiquated ideas about fish not being able to feel pain and lacking the brain structure necessary for a subjective experience of the world still persist, despite a growing body of evidence to the contrary.   Through line fishing, deep sea fishing, commercial fishing, and factory farming, we continue to subject trillions of sentient beings to pain and suffocation every year. 



“I recently learned of a culinary tradition, still practiced today, known as ikizukuri: eating the raw flesh of a living fish. You can find videos online. In one, a chef covers a fish’s face with a cloth and holds it down as he shaves off its scales with something like a crude cheese grater. He begins to slice the fish lengthwise with a large knife, but the creature leaps violently from his grasp and somersaults into a nearby sink. The chef reclaims the fish and continues slicing away both its flanks. Blood as dark as pomegranate juice spills out. He immerses the fish in a bowl of ice water as he prepares the sashimi. The whole fish will be served on a plate with shaved daikon and shiso leaves, rectangular chunks of its flesh piled neatly in its hollowed side, its mouth and gills still flapping, and the occasional shudder rippling across the length of its body”.


Read the article from Hakai magazine here

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