In our series on the writers of “VEGAN VOICES –  Essays by Inspiring Changemakers”, we introduce you to LAURA BARLOW (  Laura developed a passion for nature and animals at a young age. She spends her free time volunteering, running a nonprofit organization and taking care of her two rescue dogs. Her purpose in this world is to spread a message of love and compassion toward nature, animals, and humanity. Laura holds both a Master of Fine Arts and a Master of Education degree from Rhode Island College. She is certified in plant-based nutrition and pet therapy. Laura is a performing arts teacher in Providence, and currently resides in Warwick, Rhode Island. 

“Throughout the years I have watched many videos and films that show cruelty to animals. Despite being difficult to watch, these films are necessary. In recent years, a great deal of attention has been focused on dog meat farms. Dogs on meat farms are crammed into tiny, filthy cages.  These dogs may be killed by electrocution, blunt force, hanging, or even by being boiled alive. My heart breaks when I see these images and videos. The dogs look broken and hopeless, and their eyes reveal a life of pain and suffering. In their eyes, I see all animals whose suffering is for human consumption and profit. All of these animals experience pain, suffering, and fear. They all quiver before their death. The truth is that all animals want to live.”

– Laura Barlow