Aquaculture : mass torture for sentient fishes

Posted on November 18, 2019

They’re adapted to navigate vast oceans but fishes in aquaculture are forced to live in tight enclosures where they constantly knock into each other, damaging their sensitive fins and skin.  They live in their own waste, are bullied by larger fish, pumped with antibiotics, starved and roughly handled.  They suffer from injuries, parasitic infections, deformities, disease, and extreme stress, and research has shown that many are blind and have hearing loss.   Forty percent die even before slaughter, usually from slow suffocation or from having their hearts pierced (without prior stunning).

The science is now clear that fish feel pain.   They are also intelligent and complex sentient beings, but have no legal protection from cruel treatment.   Because they are not protected, fish in aquaculture endure a life of endless suffering.  

Watch the video showing disturbing footage of salmon being stomped on in a fish farm.  

Read more about aquaculture here and take PETA’s pledge to go vegan for 30 days.